We offer an extensive range of tiles in a variety of colours and styles. There is also the option to have both man-made and natural slating. We can help, advise, and provide samples if required - don't hesitate to ask.

Dry valley System

Valleys are one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof so it is essential that the work undertaken provides a completely weather-proof and durable solution. The Universal Dry Valley System does exactly this.

Dry Ridge and Hip Systems

These systems offer a method of fixing tiles to a roof without the need for traditional sand and cement mortar. It provides higher protection from the elements thus increasing the life span of the roof. It ensures all the ventilation that is required for the roof as well as promising no maintenance due to the fact that unlike mortar mixes it does not degrade over time.


The type of insulation you will need depends largely on whether you have a flat or a pitched roof. This effects the type and amount of materials used, and the time taken for the work to be carried out. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote.